Forage hirlevél (angolul)
Forage hirlevél (angolul)
2015-04-01 11:04:28
The 13th newsletter of Forage deals with PIAAC and older learners
The ‘Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies’ (PIAAC, 2013) marks a next generation in research programmes on the basic skills and literacies of adults learning. PIAAC results point to the need for basic education for adults, even in many highly developed countries and reveal social disparities and inequalities in several of the 23 OECD member states, taking part in the research.
Attention to older learners
Special attention should be paid to the age groups of 50 + when it comes to adult learning. In the future, Europeans will live and work longer, therefore more efforts, support, knowledge, outreach and funding are needed so that older people can and will participate in learning. Research also shows that liberal adult education helps
to reduce health care costs.

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